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Here's a really cool gallery of Papercraft models (all downloadable as PDFs), including this insanely detailed one for an AT-AT:

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"While Pepsi and Coca-Cola (and others) closely guard their secrets to making cola beverages, several organizations have released their own recipes. Below is the recipe for homemade "OpenCola," an open-source cola beverage that invites makers to create and modify their recipe to achieve a better beverage. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License."

How to Make OpenCola
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In which our hero manages to find a proper Windows XP driver plus a small program that fixes the "Open Cover" error (which, we learn, is a problem with the driver and not an actual physical defect in the printer) and is rewarded with a fully functional, decently fast (if slightly late model) Minolta PagePro 1100L laser printer for $21.
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and you may soon see a familiar movie icon. To help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, the USPS unveils:

R2D2 Mailboxes (on TheForce.net)


Mar. 3rd, 2007 08:06 am
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I found a link to this yesterday on BoingBoing.net and it just cracked me up to no end. Yes, I am a geek.

Uber-Web-Geek Tattoo )

If I were to get one, I think it would be a bit smaller, and maybe just a tad lower. Hmmm....
[livejournal.com profile] bountifulpots  mentioned "printable" temporary tattoos at last night's birthday extravaganza (Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] theslice !), and I think this is a definite candidate for it.
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World of Warcraft cake (via BoingBoing)
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But one of the highlights of my day is the 11:00 hour, when the Discovery Channel runs episodes of the show How It's Made.

I find it absolutely fascinating - not only to see how things get made - but also to look inside all of these different industries that we so often take for granted or don't think much about at all (at least I don't). And it's not just the industries that make these products, but you get a glimpse into some of the more basic foundations of the industries - there has to be someone to supply the equipment and raw materials, someone who does technical support and service, etc.

It gives me a greater appreciation for the things that I see and use every day.
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Here's a fantastic rant on the absurdity of our frenzied gadget culture. (links to Gizmodo)


Feb. 7th, 2007 10:32 am
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So I grabbed the thermometer from the kitchen. The thermostat said it was 63 in the house. The thermometer read 63 upstairs, but only 60 in my office.

Set the thermostat to 72 for now - will re-program it later.

Interestingly, the air that the furnace pumps out through the vent in my office is about 124 degrees,


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