Jul. 17th, 2007 02:00 pm
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Today, one of the hard disks in my work computer decided to take a dump. It's the only SCSI drive on the system. And now, even with that drive removed, the machine refuses to boot, since apparently the NTDETECT program is hanging because it can't find that drive, even though I have the BIOS set to boot off the IDE C:\ drive. *shrug*

Anyone have a spare SCSI drive they would be willing to lend me for a few minutes to see if I can get the machine to boot? LOL!

So, it looks like I will be working off my work laptop until I go to Chicago at the end of the month. Hopefully, there isn't anything too critical on my desktop that I can't work without... I don't think so. I'm in the process of FTPing some work files down to the laptop from the network across the VPN, which is somewhat painfully slow, but necessary.

I am spoiled... I will miss the dual-monitor setup and speed of my work desktop. I am spoiled... I have both a desktop and laptop for work.

Hmm... maybe I should just look into getting a docking station and larger monitor for my laptop... and an external enclosure for the other IDE drive. That would certainly make things a little more portable.

On the plus side, though, that's one less computer that's running in my office, so there will be that much less heat being generated.
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Gotta love vague and mysterious error messages.

Take MS SQL Server, for instance. I'm writing a query, and it passes the syntax check just fine. Execute the query and you get:

Server: Msg 8624, Level 16, State 21, Line 1
Internal SQL Server error.

So I go to look up more info on that error message number, and the help documentation says:

8624 - Internal SQL Server error.

How helpful.

Any SQL gurus out there? The concept of the query isn't all that complex or challenging - I'm just having a problem coming up with the actual SQL to get what I want.
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Woke up this morning to wind-chill of 25.

And now it is snowing. There's about 1/8" of snow on the cars, bushes, trees and grassy areas. And for a few moments, it was even white-out conditions.

Oh, joy.

Hopefully the drive home on Saturday will be snow-free.


Oct. 10th, 2006 04:07 pm
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Grey day. Boring day. Lonely day.

At least it's not too cold, yet. They are forecasting SNOW for Thursday. *ack* I am not ready for winter.

Crappy wireless internet at the hotel. I am supposed to be working on freelance stuff at night, but I cannot maintain a consistent connection, so I can bareley even surf the Web, let alone develop stuff on a remote server. I am thinking of asking for another room to see if I can get a better signal - might have to roam the halls with the laptop first to see if I can find where the best signal is.

Oh, well. At least work is almost done and I can change clothes and relax. Have to figure out what to do for dinner. Burrito from El Burrito Loco or maybe some pad thai from Joy Yee Noodles. Those are sounding the most appealing at the moment.
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In other work related news, this time more positive...

We use a product called Goldmine as our Customer Relationship Management software. It's a decent product with a few quirks. The quirks become quirkier when you add in the messed up business rules that my company likes to use.

Anyway, the web-based interface that comes with the product sucks, to put it nicely. So I wrote my own inteface for it.

My buddy C (our network admin) demoed it to the guys at the consulting company that helped us with our installation and handle our support for Goldmine. Apparently, they absolutely loved it and were practically drooling over it.

They want to work out a resale and licensing deal with us so they can sell this to their other customers. We would get royalties/residuals/kicjk-backs/whatever-you-want-to-call-them for each sale. They would handle marketing, selling and all first-level support for it. I would never have to deal with their customers - they would just funnel questions and feature requests to me.

Hopefully, any money earned would stay in the IT dept and boost our budget, but I have my doubts. Too bad I can't work a deal with this on my own, without involving the employer. I don't remember signing any intellectual property agreement, but I'm sure it's there somewhere.

But anyway, *yay me*!
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Ah, the joys of penny-pinching.

The firewall at work is down. As in, "It's dead, Jim!" The support contract/warranty expired yesterday.

This means that almost all computer connections from our inside network out (and vice versa) is completely down, as well (email, websites, remote connections, etc.). Unfortunately Fortunately, it doesn't affect my VPN connection or my IP phone connection, so I can still work somewhat.

Of course, most of the stuff I am working on right now involves the web server and database server that is in our DMZ - and only accessible through the firewall (even from the inside).

We've been trying to get a new firewall, since this one is an older model (and in any case it's good to have a backup), but the people holding the purse strings have been extremely reluctant to let us spend any money. These guys are the poster-child for the disaster-recovery consulting industry.

The latest update from my buddy C (the network admin) is that we may not be able to get things back up until tomorrow.



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