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Yet some more photographs that should have been posted a long time ago:

The 2007 Highland Games @ KCRF

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Also at long last...

KCRF 2007 Photos

I found that I didn't shoot nearly as many photos (nor as good, I think) as I have in the past. I will have to correct that next year.

[livejournal.com profile] rougewench, I will put together a CD of wench photos for you.

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A new KCRF Gallery is up:

KCRF 2006 Gallery 4

For your convenience, here are the other 3 galleries:

KCRF 2006 Gallery 1

KCRF 2006 Gallery 2

KCRF 2006 Gallery 3

If you see any images you'd like, just jot down the filename(s) (below the image) and I'd be happy to send you full-size originals. Comment here or email me: nate at rightmire dot com.
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Pictures from today at Faire are up:

KCRF 2006 Gallery 2

And for those who might have missed it earlier:

KCRF 2006 Gallery 1

Had a great day today. Despite my lamentations last night of my sickness and worries about not sleeping, I slept marvelously well and have felt progressively better all day.

It was good to see and talk with many friends today - and I think I got some good shots, too.

But now I am tired, and must whisk myself away to bed while the drugs are still working so that I may get another good night's rest.

A demain. Until the morrow.
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I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, even though my fair bride, [livejournal.com profile] fyreseer, was quite under the weather. Much of it was spent doing mostly nothing... a little bit of freelance work, watching TV, cleaning up around the house.

Clipped for length, ramblings about soup and faire... )

I did get through my faire pictures and have posted them here.

Let me know if you'd like copies and I can email the originals to you - just jot down the filename(s) and give me an email address.


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