May. 2nd, 2009 04:43 pm
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Testing the cross-post feature from dreamwidth.

First Post

May. 1st, 2009 12:43 pm
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This would be the obligatory first post. Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. Yet.
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Does anyone know if the movie Southland Tales will be screened in KC? From what I can tell it was limited release last week and this week, but I don't see anything about a wide release date.
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This just killed me -- way too funny for words. My cheeks are sore and my sides are hurting from laughing so much:

John Scalzi's snarky science fiction tour of the Creation Museum

And, the photo tour to go with it:

A Visit to the Creation Museum, 11/10/07

I am thinking a road trip is definitely required.

And, just to be thorough, here's the link to the museum web page:

Creation Museum: Prepare to Believe

I am probably going straight to hell. See you all there!
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And now, for your viewing pleasure:

2007 Witches' Ball Photos

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Yet some more photographs that should have been posted a long time ago:

The 2007 Highland Games @ KCRF

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Also at long last...

KCRF 2007 Photos

I found that I didn't shoot nearly as many photos (nor as good, I think) as I have in the past. I will have to correct that next year.

[livejournal.com profile] rougewench, I will put together a CD of wench photos for you.

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I think I got this last time, too.

Serenity meme... )
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Found this little gem on Neatorama:

How to make your own wizard's wand
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Actually, I'm not having one of those days, the pic was just too funny not to post.


Jul. 25th, 2007 01:29 pm
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This is just too funny:

**Do not follow this link if you want to remain HP7 un-spoiled**

Filling In the Blanks
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...HP7, that is.

A most enjoyable read. A most enjoyable series. :)
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horrorscope behind the cut... )

In other news... The network at work is back up, so I have to work today. I suppose that is a good thing, though, since there actually is a lot that I need to do at work now - a change from the recent slowness of things.

I'm debating whether or not to go brave the crowds at midnight tonight at the 93rd & Metcalf Borders. I have my book reserved there, but may just wait until tomorrow when I'm out and about to pick it up.

My brother is coming into town today from St. Paul, MN. Ya, I just saw him a few weeks ago at my cousin's wedding, but I don't see him nearly enough, so it will be good.

I will be officially 35 this afternoon about 1:10 PM. Send me some good thoughts, if you will - I'm kind of in an odd space about my birthday this year.
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Kung Fu Porn (NSFW... R rated)
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results behind cut... )


Jul. 17th, 2007 02:00 pm
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Today, one of the hard disks in my work computer decided to take a dump. It's the only SCSI drive on the system. And now, even with that drive removed, the machine refuses to boot, since apparently the NTDETECT program is hanging because it can't find that drive, even though I have the BIOS set to boot off the IDE C:\ drive. *shrug*

Anyone have a spare SCSI drive they would be willing to lend me for a few minutes to see if I can get the machine to boot? LOL!

So, it looks like I will be working off my work laptop until I go to Chicago at the end of the month. Hopefully, there isn't anything too critical on my desktop that I can't work without... I don't think so. I'm in the process of FTPing some work files down to the laptop from the network across the VPN, which is somewhat painfully slow, but necessary.

I am spoiled... I will miss the dual-monitor setup and speed of my work desktop. I am spoiled... I have both a desktop and laptop for work.

Hmm... maybe I should just look into getting a docking station and larger monitor for my laptop... and an external enclosure for the other IDE drive. That would certainly make things a little more portable.

On the plus side, though, that's one less computer that's running in my office, so there will be that much less heat being generated.
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I use a CPAP machine when I sleep. It runs on standard household AC power. I can sleep without it, but I really prefer to have it.

I have a couple of camping trips planned in the next month or so. One of them I know I will not have access to electricity, the other I'm not sure, but not counting on it.

They make and sell a rechargable Lithium Ion battery pack (rechargable via car battery or AC outlet). However, it is $300.

There is a DC adapter (cpap to male cigarrette lighter plug) and direct 12V battery adapter (gator clips to female cigarrette lighter plug) available for $25 each.

Any ideas on how to "create" my own or ideas for another alternative power source that is significantly less than the $300 price tag for the LI ion battery?

I need something that will last me at least a couple of nights (~6 to 8 hours each night). Recharging may be an option during the day, but I don't think I can count on it.
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The original 1977 Camaro that was Bumblebee in the movie is up for charity auction on eBay:

TRANSFORMERS Movie Props Bumblebee '77 Chevy Camaro

All proceeds go to the Fisher House Foundation.

Current Bid: $30,100

Auction ends on 07/18
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The air is heavy and damp...
The subtle scent of rain on the hot street...
The diffuse shadows of the trees spread across the ground...
The drone of the air conditioners...
The growl of a plane, high above the clouds...
The twitter of birds, hidden in the foliage...
The tap, tap, tap of scattered raindrops in the trees and on the pavement...
The distant, faint rumble of thunder...

All is still... waiting.


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