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Sci-Fi is doing a Dresden Files catch-up Marathon tonight starting at 6 - all five episodes that have aired so far.

That is all.
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Eddie (along with Minnie Driver) is starring in a new tv show on FX (channel 62 on TimeWarner cable) called "The Riches", which premiers March 12 and will run Monday nights.

Here's the show's site with trailers.

From an Eddie Izzard fan site:

Dramedy featuring Izzard as the con artist patriarch of an Irish family that moves to the Southern U.S.
Drama revolves around a family of grifters who take the identity of an upper-middle-class suburban family in Louisiana. Izzard plays Malone, the father, who after hitting a spiritual and midlife crisis begins to question their lifestyle just as his wife, newly sprung from prison, rejoins the family. He decides to call it quits and settle down with his wife and kids.
The pair are con artists who find an upper-middle-class family killed in a car accident, and assume their identities in the suburbs.
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But one of the highlights of my day is the 11:00 hour, when the Discovery Channel runs episodes of the show How It's Made.

I find it absolutely fascinating - not only to see how things get made - but also to look inside all of these different industries that we so often take for granted or don't think much about at all (at least I don't). And it's not just the industries that make these products, but you get a glimpse into some of the more basic foundations of the industries - there has to be someone to supply the equipment and raw materials, someone who does technical support and service, etc.

It gives me a greater appreciation for the things that I see and use every day.
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The Discovery Channel show "MythBusters" will be doing a pirate special on Weds, 1/17 @ 8:00 PM, Central time. From the show's episode guide:

Episode 71: Pirate Special
Arggghhh, me hearties! Jamie and Adam plundered the seven seas in search of pirate parables and maritime myths. The result? This 2-hour spectacular episode! And, with four stories of hijinks on the high seas the action is thick and fast. Playing with more firearms, the guys try to figure out how deadly cannonballs really are versus the splinters sprayed from a mighty broadside blast. Kari, Grant and Tory on the port side decode the mysteries of the ol' pirate eye patch: why would a pirate wear a patch over a perfectly good eye? And if that isn't enough, the gang tops of the show with rum, knives and sails ... whaat? This one's for the books!
Premiere: Jan. 17, 2006


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